Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I wear sandals as often as I can.  Living in the Midwest makes it difficult to wear them for months in the winter.  I haven't been able to wear my sandals since October and I still have my sandal tan line on my feet.  The best sandals in the world are rainbows.  They're made in San Clemente, CA, where I lived for a time when I was working in California.  You'll find that a good percentage of people living in Southern California wear these, and there's a reason.  Check them out.  If you decide to get some someday you should keep wearing them day after day when you first get them.  They're going to hurt for a while but you need to get them broken in.  Soon they'll be like a second home to you.  Enjoy.  I'm off work and out of school for the day so I"m going to enjoy a beer or two.


  1. Working for the big green weenie? I never went to san clemente. Hated oceanside, but loved LA and San Diego. Miss that place.

  2. You know it. San Clemente was probably the polar opposite of Oceanside. I hated that shithole too.